1Zpresso X-Ultra Manual Coffee Grinder

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X-Ultra is designed with the pour-over brewer in mind. With a simple top-mounted external adjustment mechanism at 12.5 microns per click and a 40mm heptagonal burr set for a sweeter cup

The X-Ultra adds to the current X-Pro with a magnetic catch cup, slightly updated design

X-Ultra comes with a cleaning brush, air blower and a brand new carry case to maintain and protect your X-Ultra.

Think of the X-Ultra as a premium version of the Q2, a slightly larger heptagonal burr set at 40mm and a more rigid chassis allows for increased consistency. Added adjustability and an external adjustment ring.

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Product information:

1Zpresso X-Ultra Manual Coffee Grinder

 Size Body: 17 x 52 mm / Handle length 140mm unfolded
Material Body: Aluminium alloy with wood accent, burrs: 40 mm Stainless steel (304), heptagonal
Weight  590g
Capacity 25-30g of roasted beans
Grind Suitability

Pour-over / drip. 12.5 micron adjustment per click.


Country of Origin: China

1Zpresso X-Ultra Manual Coffee Grinder