Varia VS3 Gen 2 Electric Coffee Grinder

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Additional Burr Set

Varia VS3 2nd Generation, a 38mm conical electric grinder perfect for those where countertop space is a premium.

  • Wielding a 38mm conical burr set.
  • Included bellows to minimise retention
  • Magnetic grind dosing cup and hopper lid for ease of use.
  • Stepless adjustment - a micrometrical scale gives a guidance of 10 microns per line

What's new in the second generation?

  • Single body outer burr assembly for heightened alignment
  • Removal of paint on the interior surfaces of the hopper, reducing static 
  • Fully stainless steel gearbox motor

Product information:

Varia VS3 Electric Coffee Grinder

 Size 147 x 90 x 310mm
Material Body: ADC12 die cast and machined aluminium. Burrs: HRC58 SS
Weight  3.5 kg
Power  220 V / 100W
Grind range Espresso to French press
Features Stepless / Removable silicone bellows / HRC58 38 mm conical burrs (Hexagonal) / 190 RPM no load - approx. 170 RPM at load

 In the box:

  • VS3 Grinder
  • Magnetic Grind Dose Cup
  • Silicone Bellows
  • Cleaning Brush
  • 5mL RDT spray bottle
  • Spares pack
  • Instruction manual

Country of Origin: China

Varia VS3 Electric Coffee Grinder