Varia Hypernova Iridescent Titanium Burrs for VS3

$53.00 USD

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Hypernova Iridescent Titanium burrs for the VS3 are designed as an upgrade over the standard burr set for mainly espresso grinding. The burrs produce a grind profile that has an increased % surface area in the fines regime adding body and complexity to the cup.

A Titanium coating gives heat protection on the edge of the burr, leading to a reduction in burr wear and heat transfer to the grinds.

The Hypernova Iridescent burrs will give you a very classical profile; gooey with high body, low acidity and high sweetness. 

Hypernova Iridescent Titanium Burrs:

  • Hypernova Ti: (440 Stainless Steel Titanium Plated) For espresso and filter. (Hardness HRC65)
  • Improved top end range for espresso particle distribution at finer sizes.
  • High body, increased clarity with increased sweetness.


Product: Varia Hypernova Iridescent Titanium Burrs for VS3