Timemore Sculptor 064 Electric Coffee Grinder

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Sculptor 064 is the all-new electric table-top coffee grinder by Timemore.

  • Wielding a 64mm 'turbo' burr set with one pre-breaking set of ghost teeth.
  • Patented 'knock' system to eject grinds from the outlet, reducing retention.
  • Sculptor 064 is designed to be used for the pour-over / drip / French press type of coarse grind, the burr design is optimised to reduce fines in this regime.
  • Adjustable RPM, a slower RPM has been shown to reduce fines and Sculptor 064 allows you to fine tune your grind speed to optimise your grind size distribution.
  • Magnetic grind cup and hopper lid for ease of use.

Product information:

Timemore Sculptor 064 Electric Coffee Grinder

 Size 256 x 100 x 225 mm
Material Body: Aluminium alloy / Stainless steel 
Weight  4.1 kg
Power  220 V / 160 W
Grind range Pour-over to French press, 36 settings
Features Patented knock system to eject grinds / Adjustable burr speed RPM (800-1200) / 64 mm 'turbo' burr set / 


Country of Origin: China

Timemore Sculptor 064 Electric Coffee Grinder