We're here to provide an update on the backordered stock namely: 1Zpresso JX, JX-pro, JE-plus, Timemore Slim Plus, Black Mirror (White).

We are expecting to take stock of 1Zpresso products today (Monday 10th May), our shipment was randomly spot checked at the border which added 3 working days to the shipping time - for this we apologise for the delay, we were hoping to get these fulfilled by last Thursday. This covers the JX and JX-pro. The JE-plus pre-orders have just gone live - we expect to take stock of this towards the end of May.

Timemore Black Mirror (white) and Slim-Plus - we have been given a large shipment which is to be shipped towards the end of May which includes these items on back order, we expect to fulfil on the second week of June.


New Products:

We are introducing new products from the Timemore line to the store after popular demand

Fish Smart Kettle (600ml) - Black / White (a sub £100 smart kettle)


Crystal Dripper (V60) - Glass

Decanter 360ml 

The Dripper and Decanter will most likely form a set and we will put together a set with grinders as well for extra savings - sort of like a V60/pour-over starter set complete with a pack of filters. Stay tuned for that.

Our email subscribers will have gotten a tease of what is to come from the Timemore 2021 product releases, these included the brand new updated Black Mirror - 'Black Mirror Plus' which features a physical on/off switch and updated internals. The larger C2 Chestnut - 'Chestnut C2 Max' featuring a taller build allowing for higher capacity. These pre-orders will go live tonight, if you are an existing customer you will have exclusive access to a 10% discount on the pre-order phase to thank you for your support on our journey over the past few months! Those existing customers should use code TMSIGMA21 at checkout to apply the discount.

Pre-order the New 2021 Black Mirror + here


As ever,



Director, Sigma Coffee UK

Written by David Maskill

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