1Zpresso JE plus Manual Coffee Grinder

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Last units available before JE-Plus becomes discontinued.

1Zpresso JE plus is manufactured from high-grade Aluminium alloy with a brushed/matted finish for easy cleaning. A wooden section embellished with the 1Zpresso brand allows for easy grip when grinding, similar to Q2.

JE plus is a high-end espresso manual grinder from the 1Zpresso range, and is a grinder for those looking for the ultimate grind consistency and fine adjustability for any espresso machine. Store your beans in the magnetised grind chamber, and grind on demand. 

Like JE, JE plus houses Coated Stainless Steel conical burrs ensure your grinder lasts for multiple doses all year round with minimal burr degradation. The burr set is fixed to the central shaft to ensure enhanced grind consistency in the fine range.

The top-located internal adjustment wheel results in a more pleasing user experience rather than adjusting at the bottom end of the grinder. Each click providing no more than an impressively tiny 12.5 microns burr gap adjustment.

A magnetic grind chamber release compared to threads means no more cleaning the threads! It also fits into a range of common portafilter sizes making dosing a dream.

JE plus comes with a cleaning brush, grind blower and hard carry case to maintain your burrs and ease portability.

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Product information:

1Zpresso JE plus Manual Coffee Grinder

 Size Body: 180 x 62 mm / Handle length 130mm
Material Body: Aluminium alloy with wood accent, burrs: Stainless steel (304), coated
Weight  840g
Capacity 35-40g of roasted beans
Grind Suitability

Espresso - 40 adjustment clicks, 12.5 microns per click.


Country of Origin: China

1Zpresso JE plus Manual Coffee Grinder