Terms and Conditions of giveaways on Instagram:

For clarity, 'post' refers to the giveaway post on Instagram. 'Rules' refer to the giveaway criteria mentioned on the post. 'Entrant' refers to an Instagram user who has commented on the post. 'Pool' refers to the total list of entrants. 'Winner' refers to both the Instagram user, and the owner of the Instagram account. Any mention of 'we' or 'I' refers to the legal entity 'Sigma Advantage Limited'.


  • Instagram is in no way affiliated, does not endorse nor administers any giveaway we launch or run on Instagram.
  • Entrants must be 18 years or older at the time of the publication of the post in question
  • Winners will be selected via the comments page on the post and will be done so via a random number generator. Each comment will be numbered from the top visible comment as 1 and the bottom comment as N where N is the total number of comments on the post.
  • The number generated will correlate with a comment on the post and in such an Instagram user who will then become the entrant-to-win. The entrant-to-win's eligibility will be cross checked as per the rules of the giveaway, e.g. if the entrant-to-win does not follow Sigma Coffee UK on instagram, the entrant-to-win subsequently becomes disqualified and the process in the above paragraph will run again with all of the disqualified entrant's comments removed and the comment list renumbered accordingly.
  • If an entrant-to-win satisfies the rules of the giveaway, such entrant-to-win becomes a 'Winner' and the giveaway selection process ends.
  • Winner/s will be contacted via Instagram direct message, the Winner then has 48 hours to reply and accept the prize, after such an announcement will be made publicly to show the Winner has been selected.
  • If a Winner fails to reply via Instagram direct message, or via other means such as email with sufficient evidence of ownership of the Winner's Instagram account, within 48 hours of the Instagram direct message such Winner will become disqualified and the process in paragraph 3-4 will begin again.
  • Multiple Winners - if a giveaway is to have more than one prize, for example Runner-up prizes, the process in paragraph 3-4 is to be run in sequence with previous Winners (from the same giveaway) removed from the pool. The first Winner picked will win the main prize.
  • Giveaways are open only to United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland residents, an entrant outside of this territory is automatically disqualified.
  • Winners will be notified to give a suitable delivery address for the postage of the prize and will not be liable for postage costs.

For giveaways on the 'Sigmacoffee.co.uk' website such as the Turin pre-order giveaway for a Knodos barista tool set. A complete list of customer email addresses supplied by the pre-order will be used as the list that a suitable random generator will then pick from to generate the winner. An analogous process to above will then apply.

If a customer decides for whatever reason to return their Turin Grinder because they have changed their mind, but was also the winner of the Knodos pack, they are entitled to keep the giveaway prize.