1Zpresso ZP6 Special Manual Coffee Grinder

£189.00 GBP


ZP6 now comes with the new foldable handle only.

ZP6 is a return to the past from 1Zpresso and can be viewed as a specialised filter / pour-over grinder. 

ZP6 is a grinder for those looking for the most fines reduced grinds for pour-over. A 22 micron adjustment gap is broad for a reason, it allows a broad enough change to the grind size per click so that each click is meaningful in the coarser range. ZP6 has 90 clicks.

It has been particularly noted that the ZP6 emphasises florals and brings brightness and high clarity to filter brews. If this is the style you prefer, the ZP6 is the grinder for you.

ZP6 has a specialised 48mm hexagonal conical burr with teeth and geometry designed especially for the pour-over regime. This results in incredible consistency and a stark reduction in the production of fines.

ZP6 comes with a cleaning brush to help maintain the burrs. Also included is a cylindrical carry case to store your grinder on the go!


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Please note the ZP6 no longer includes a grinds blower, please purchase one separately if you would like one here!

Product information:

1Zpresso ZP6 Special Manual Coffee Grinder

 Size Body: 195 x 60 mm / Handle length 195 mm
Material Body: Aluminium alloy with polycarbonate accent, burrs: 48mm hexagonal - Stainless steel (304)
Weight  700g
Capacity 35-40g of roasted beans
Grind range Pour-over / Filter / French Press


Country of Origin: China

1Zpresso ZP6 Manual Coffee Grinder