Varia EVO Hand Grinder

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A long awaited refreshed hand grinder by Varia, the EVO, designed to enhance your coffee brewing experience, wherever you are. EVO features an ultra-smooth aluminium alloy body, ensuring both style when displayed and comfort during use. The magnetic hand crank adds a touch of convenience, making it easy to attach to the shaft.

With EVO, enjoy precise grinding with 140 individual adjustment steps facilitated by the bottom-mounted adjustment dial, equipped with a micrometrical scale. Each step offers 10 microns of vertical burr movement, making EVO versatile for dialling in perfect espresso shots or producing vibrant pour overs.

Enhancing the overall workflow, EVO includes a magnetic catch cup that seamlessly fits into 58mm portafilters for effortless dosing. Maintenance is a breeze with the provided cleaning brush for burr upkeep.

Safeguard your grinder with the included carry case, ensuring your EVO grinder stays protected wherever you go.

Product information: Varia EVO Hand Grinder


195 x 64 mm / Crank length 174mm

38mm 'Supernova' Burr / Stainless steel / Hexagonal '6 core'

Material Aluminium alloy / High Nitrogen 304 Stainless Steel Conical Burrs / 
Weight 1000g 
Capacity 30-35g 
Grind Range Universal



Product information: Varia EVO Hand Grinder