The Timemore Sculptor 078 is a dedicated filter grinder featuring a unique flat burr set developed in collaboration with Grindinglabs. This grinder is designed with filter coffee enthusiasts in mind and boasts an elegant design that complements various aesthetics, whether placed in a rustic farm shop, a gritty bicycle cafe, a sleek and modern brew bar, or a functional home kitchen.

Powering the Sculptor 078 is a robust 400W dual-brush motor that drives the 78mm outer burr against the fixed inner burr. These burrs are subtly designed to create a crushing motion, with two sets of teeth initially breaking down the coffee beans before a final set of cutting teeth completes the grinding process. These burrs are much different to what we would normally see in a flat burr, and that makes sense - the 078 is a filter focussed grinder with minimal fines.

The motor's speed is adjustable, ranging from a gentle 800 revolutions per minute to a brisk 1400 RPM, and you can easily control it using a convenient dial located at the base of the grinder. Lower RPM settings have been proven to produce fewer fines, and this adjustable feature provides an additional dimension for fine-tuning your brewing results.

Now, let's dive into the workflow.

The Sculptor 078 includes a magnetic grind cup that effortlessly fits into the base. This cup is tall enough and positioned close to the grind exit chute, minimising the scattering of chaff and loose grounds. This thoughtful design reduces the frequency of clean-ups. The Sculptor is designed as a single-dose grinder, which allows you to store your specialty beans in dedicated containers, preserving their freshness. Consider adding a pre-dosed bean container to enhance your workflow and maintain the beans' quality. The magnetic lid can be fully closed, half-open (recommended to minimise 'popcorning'), or completely removed as needed.

Timemore Sculptor 078 Electric Coffee Grinder Setup Sigma Coffee UK

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But what about grind retention?

It's a well-known fact that electric grinders tend to retain more grounds compared to their manual counterparts. This is often due to larger cavities before the exit chute and static build-up from plastic components inside.

However, the Sculptor has a clever solution. It leverages static electricity to its advantage, as most of the retained grounds at the tip of the exit chute consist of fines and chaff. You have two choices: either discard these retained grinds/chaff or incorporate them into your desired grounds. The patented grind knock system features a spring-loaded mechanism built within the chute, physically dislodging the retained grinds. A simple twist of the exit chute tip accomplishes this with a satisfying 'ping' sound. You can repeat the twisting motion to ensure thorough removal.



The twist-click grind knock system is a valuable feature found in both the 078 and 078s variants. For filter and AeroPress brewing, it's often preferable to discard the retained grounds to minimise the presence of fines, although the 078 already produces minimal fines. On the other hand, with the 078s, designed for espresso, you may want to incorporate the retained grounds to reduce waste.

Now, let's explore the topic of adjustability.

The Sculptor 078 features a stepped system for adjusting the grind size, which is controlled by a large aluminum dial at the front. In contrast, the 078s offers stepless adjustment, allowing for finer and more precise grind size adjustments, especially important for dialing in your espresso. There have been demonstrations of the Sculptor 078 operating at in-between click settings, effectively unlocking a pseudo-stepless adjustment for those who seek it.

Both the Sculptor 078 and 078s are straightforward to disassemble and clean. However, a word of caution that applies to disassembling anything: take your time and handle the components with care. You'll only need a standard Allen-key set to access the chamber and burrs, which can then be easily removed from their cradles with two Philips screws. The Sculptor comes with an air blower, which is larger and has a longer nozzle compared to the ones included with Timemore's hand grinders. Additionally, a cleaning brush is provided for tackling more stubborn buildup. 

So, who is the Sculptor 078 designed for?

First and foremost, it's essential to note that the Sculptor 078 is primarily a filter grinder and not intended for espresso brewing. Its counterpart, the 078s, is designed for both espresso and filter. If you're in search of an all-purpose grinder capable of handling a wide range of grind sizes, the 078s is the better choice. However, don't underestimate the Sculptor 078, as it excels in clarity and vibrancy for filter coffee, offering a distinct difference in performance.

The Sculptor 078 caters to the budding home enthusiast who enjoys brewing methods like pour overs, AeroPress, and French press, all of which benefit from minimal fines. It's an excellent choice for someone seeking a premium feeling, electric filter grinder for the home or for small businesses. It pairs well with a hand grinder for espresso such as the Varia EVO or 1Zpresso J-Ultra. Consider it as a valuable addition to your coffee equipment collection, serving as a specialist tool rather than an all-in-one solution.

If you have any questions about adding the Sculptor 078 to your coffee setup, please feel free to reach out to us via our live chat. We're here to assist you!