Timemore Grinder Go Advanced Portable Electric Coffee Grinder

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Grind on the go, effortlessly with Grinder Go by Timemore.

Incorporating a titanium coated E&B burr set with a generous 60g bean and grind capacity. Go takes inspiration from grinders in the Timemore range, utilising a dual-bearing central axis for added concentricity contributing to a more consistent grind output that is seen in grinders such as the Chestnut G1 Plus.

If you are somebody who craves that freshly ground cup on the go, but want an added layer of simplicity then Go is the answer.

Grinder Go has a simple design, in-line with the Timemore ethos across the range.

To charge, simply use a USB Type C charging cable. Once fully charged, Go will grind up to 30 times for a 15g dose.


Total : 220 x 86 mm

Main Body : 160 x 86 mm

Grind cup : 60 x 86 mm


Body : PCTG, ABS, PP

Grind cup : Glass

Burrs : Titanium-coated Stainless steel (304)

Weight  660g
Capacity 60g of roasted beans
Grind range French press to Moka pot

7.4 V / DC 

20 W

2 x 800mAh Li-ion batteries