Timemore Chestnut G1 Plus Manual Coffee Grinder

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*With all-new Titanium-Coated E&B burr set*

The Timemore Chestnut G1 Plus is manufactured from high-grade smooth Aluminium alloy with a very dark green finish, almost black. The grind chamber is aluminium-lined with a wooden grain exterior adding an extra dimension to the design. It is also friction fitted, no threads to worry about!

Chestnut G1 Plus is a Red Dot award winning product with the Jury expressing a high degree of design aesthetic and functionality

The Titanium-Coated Stainless Steel conical E&B burrs by Timemore allow for a versatile grinder while giving you added protection against degradation.

The G1 Plus comes with a carry bag and cleaning brush to maintain your burrs and enables safe portability without scratching or damaging the grinder or your possessions.

Product information:

 Size Body: 156 x 52 mm / Handle length 165mm
Material Body: Aluminium alloy 6063, burrs: Martensitic stainless steel 20Cr13
Weight  580g
Capacity 30-35g of roasted beans
Grind range Espresso to French Press/Caffetiere


Country of Origin: China