Pietro Hand Coffee Grinder

£370.00 GBP

Pietro grinders are dispatched the next working day.

The Pietro Hand Grinder is changing the hand grinding scene by introducing a vertically mounted 58mm flat burr set.

With an elegantly designed retractable crank, an airtight grind chamber lid and a choice of two types of burr, Pietro is providing flexibility in your choice of grind method.

B-Modal burrs focus on providing a bi-modal grind distribution, creating a grind profile aligned with espresso. M-Modal burrs are designed to provide a mono-modal (unimodal) grind distribution which is great for a general purpose grinder and provides clarity in the pour over regime.

Product information:

 Size Body: 210 x 80 mm / Handle length 115mm

Body: Aluminium alloy

Burrs: 58mm flat burr, coated, M340 Bohler Steel, made in Fiorenzato

Weight  1450g
Capacity 60g of roasted beans
Grind Suitability Aeropress to Espresso