KINGrinder K6 Hand Coffee Grinder

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KINGrinder K6 the grinder focussed on being a fantastic hybrid grinder, giving fruity and clean pour overs whilst still being capable of producing tasty espresso shots. K6 houses a 48mm heptagonal burr set which allows for great consistency across the range.

At 16 micron adjustment steps (clicks), K6 gives the ability to dial in espresso well at this price point.

KINGrinders also have the ability to have a drill attached to the shaft to grind without manually turning the crank allowing for faster grinding or effortless grinding.

KINGrinder K6 Hand Coffee Grinder

 Size Body: 180 x 55 mm 
Material Body: Aluminium alloy, burrs: Heptagonal 48mm, Stainless steel (420, 304)
Weight  630g
Capacity 30-35g of roasted beans
Suitable Grind range Pour-over to Espresso. 16 micron clicks, 160 settings.


Country of Origin: China

KINGrinder K6 Hand Coffee Grinder