Timemore Black Mirror Basic PLUS Coffee Scales

£45.00 GBP£49.00

Black Mirror + is an affordable, feature-packed coffee scale with a simple and sleek design. Dialling in your shots has never been this easy, or this inexpensive. Brand new to 2021, Timemore releases their revised and refreshed update to the ever-popular Black Mirror.

Updates to the model include:

  • Refreshed internal hardware
  • New construction, sharper aesthetic
  • Physical on/off switch, side mounted
  • Laser-engraved buttons for increased tactile feel and visibility

Watch our demonstration video for the auto-timing feature and check out our review here (scales demonstrated here are the B22 revision)


Sensitivity  +/- 0.1g
Max weight 2.0 Kg
Battery Type and Capacity Li-ion 1600mAh est. 10h continuous use
Footprint 152x130x25 mm
Auto timing Yes
Auto off  Yes
Bluetooth connectivity No



Box contents:

  • Timemore 'Black Mirror Basic +' Coffee Scales

  • USB A to USB C charging cable
  • Rubber scale mat

  • Instruction Manual

  • 1 year manufacturer warranty card

Country of Origin: China 

Timemore Black Mirror Basic + Coffee Scales