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Coffee Grinder, Kinu, Stepless, Update -

We are pleased to announce our partnership with German brand, Kinu Grinders. Kinu are renowned for their stepless range of manual grinders, the M47 range. Comprising of three grinders; Phoenix, Simplicity and the Classic, there's a grinder for everybody - from those wanting to step into the world of stepless adjustment to those already in the know and wanting a purpose-built, precision made grinder for the job. The Simplicity and Classic introduce 'Morse-Cone' technology which allows for auto-centring of the burr using a Morse taper rather than a fixed brace, enhancing repeatability by reducing misalignment. We're ecstatic to be able to bring...

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1zpresso, Chestnut X, Timemore, Update -

May was an incredibly busy month for us and for the manufacturers over in the East. As such we were at low levels of stock for the great majority of the month, it is looking like stock levels are starting to level out and regular shipments are resuming. This month saw the introduction of a few new items to the line: Timemore's Black Mirror Plus, Chestnut C2 MAX, Dripper and Pour-over sets and 1Zpresso's K-Plus.  We're excited to announce the introduction for July of Timemore's flagship hand grinder, the 'Good Design 2020' award-winning Chestnut-X.  We are really pleased to be able to market...

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