With February drawing to a close, along with our first month trading, we have only learned of your demand for these brands and products being brought to the UK market.

We knew from the start that the demand was there, but we did not expect such a huge turnout so quick and early to the launch!


Several of our customers, both returning and new, have asked about a preorder form for the new stock that will hit in March. It is now live and you are able to pre-order stock ahead of March. And best of all, we're giving you a £5 coupon for all pre-orders made! CHESTNUT21

See section VII of our Refund Policy for full policy details

New stock and restock

We have taken aboard some opinions (just e-mail us for product recommendations - we do listen!) and are bringing the following to Sigma Coffee UK:

Chestnut C2, more colours! 

We are also bringing the all-new Chestnut C2 Slim Plus into the UK, the predecessor is currently retailing at £109 at most outlets, we will beat this price - and it will be beaten by a significant margin.

We have been contacted once or twice about bringing the White version of the Timemore Black Mirror to the UK. We have considered this option, but our market research shows that people are less happy with the white version due to a lower readability of the scale output - however - if we continue to get questions about this, we are happy to bring this in too! (Keep emailing us!)

Using the products ourselves everyday (we would't sell anything we haven't tried or use), we spotted an accessory that we would like to bring in. 

Timemore Magic Cube - This is a portafilter stand which fits perfectly on the Black Mirror scale surface which allows for easier weighing and dosing. It also doubly serves as a tamping stand. The stand itself is fashioned from 304 stainless steel and clad with a rubberised sillicone.

Timemore Magic Cube Portafilter Stand Black Mirror Sigma Coffee UK

We will bring this in initially retailing at £25 with, of course, free tracked shipping. Or we will offer a package together with the Black Mirror for £72 saving 10% on the combined value.


New brands? Yes!

We are currently in early discussions with other brands and manufacturers. We try to focus on hard-to-get brands within the UK and EU marketplace, which is why we targeted Timemore - scarce in the UK and when it is available (I'm looking at you Amazon!) it's sold at a mighty premium.

One Manufacturer, with whom, we are pleased to announce have secured a distributor status with is 1Zpresso.

1Zpresso markets slightly above Timemore for their manual grinders. And we are looking to bring the following lines:

Q2 Pentagonal Manual Grinder - Grinds to pour over coarseness with a 38mm Stainless Steel burr, internal adjustment and a 15-20g grind chamber

JX - Grinds to a pour over coarseness, higher build quality, larger 48mm stainless steel burrs, internal adjustment with a larger 30-35g grind chamber

JE - Grinds to espresso fineness, the same build as the JX but focussing on espresso grind fineness. With a 48mm coated stainless steel burr set, internal adjustment and again 30-35g grind chamber.


We suspect the 1Zpresso products will hit in early-mid April and we are looking forward to bringing you the affordable prices!

Written by David Maskill

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