SSP Lab Sweet Cast (64mm, Red Speed) Flat Burrs

£189.00 GBP

If you have a current pre-order for the Timemore 064S or Turin DF64 Gen 2 / DF64V, you will have access to a 10% discount, please reach out to us for this discount!

SSP sit on the front stage when it comes to flat burr design. Allowing you to access a higher level of grind quality with your current electric grinder, without the full price of upgrading your entire grinder.

The Cast burrs inspired by the ditting lab sweet burrs generate a grind distribution that produce a brighter, sweeter filter and espresso than the corresponding High Uniformity and Multipurpose burrs of SSP. 

Cast burrs with Red Speed coating generate a controlled number of fines (compared to the Silver Knight coating), owing to the slightly higher coefficient of friction on the red speed coating meaning these Cast burrs are able to grind for both espresso and filter.

If you are looking for a burr set that provides high vibrancy, high clarity and is filter focussed, look towards the original SSP 'Multipurpose' V1 burrs

If you are looking for a burr set that still gives you higher sweetness and brightness and grinds for both filter and espresso, look at the Lab Sweet cast burrs.

SSP Burr Set Rough Guide:

Bright, Juicy and Sweet Cups - Lab Sweet Cast

High Clarity, Good Flavour separation and complexity - Multipurpose V2

Higher Clarity, slightly less complexity, brighter - Multipurpose V1

High body, nuttiness, texture - High Uniformity

What grinders does this burr set fit?

  • Turin / DF64 Gen 1, Gen 2
  • Turin / DF64V
  • Fellow Ode (Q42021 batch or newer!)
  • Lagom P64
  • Timemore Sculptor 064S (not the 064)
  • Mazzer Super Jolly 

It goes without saying that replacing the burr set in your grinder is done so at your own risk, take time and care - follow manufacturer advice for the disassembly of your grinder.