Turin DF83V Single Dose Electric Coffee Grinder

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The Turin DF83V is offered as their top-of-the-line grinder, boasting numerous enhanced features from previous versions, including an Auger feed system, adjustable RPM, and a more powerful brushless motor. Its sturdy aluminium construction ensures there are no doubts on build quality.

  • Wielding a large 83mm DLC flat burr set designed for multipurpose grinding. Multiple alternative 83mm burr sets widely available from SSP which are compatible with DF83V.
  • Slower feed auger- The first in the Turin range, the auger feed system allows for a more controlled and slower feed rate to the burr chamber.
  • Stepless adjustment- DF83V implements a stepless adjustment mechanism allowing for the ultimate espresso dialling in experience.
  • Adjustable RPM, a slower RPM has been shown to reduce fines and DF83V allows you to fine tune your grind speed to optimise your grind size distribution.
  • Workflow - DF83V comes with a magnetised catch cup and plasma generator meaning retention is minimised creating a cleaning workflow. A small hopper with bellows and lid is included.
  • UK based warranty - We offer a 2 year warranty on all Turin grinders with issues fixed in-house at our UK-based centre meaning you don't need to contact or deal with any overseas parties.

Product information:

The Solo DF83V Single Dose Electric Coffee Grinder

 Size 320 x 135 x 395 mm (LxWxH)
Material Body: Aluminium alloy / Stainless steel 
Weight  8.9 kg
Power  220 V / 680 W
Grind range Stepless - Espresso to French.
Features Plasma generator / Adjustable burr speed RPM (300-1600) / 83 mm DLC flat burrs

Country of Origin: China

The Solo DF83V Single Dose Electric Coffee Grinder