Varia Hand Grinder

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Varia introduces their first grinder to market. This universal grinder allows for a smooth operation with its dual axis ball bearing grinding action, similar to that of the Timemore design with the C2. A longer crank handle on the Varia compared to the C2 allows for easier grinding with less effort.

Varia allows for 24 individual adjustments per rotation of the internal, bottom-located adjustment dial with a total of 110 steps of adjustment ensuring grind size is not an issue for anything from espresso to pour-over.

The sleek 'Space' design uses a lightweight aluminium alloy with natural oak highlight for the crank handle. 

Included is a cleaning brush for burr maintenance as well as a smart, soft touch carry case to protect your Varia grinder. 




155 x 49 mm / Crank length 173mm

38mm Burr

Material Aluminium alloy / High Nitrogen 304 Stainless Steel Conical Burrs / Natural Oak Handle
Weight 420g 
Capacity 25-30g roasted beans
Grind Range Universal



Product information: Varia Hand Grinder