Turin DF54 Electric Coffee Grinder

£249.00 GBP

Approximate July/August drop

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The Turin DF54 is offered as their entry level and affordable flat burr electric grinder, wielding a 54mm stainless burr set, custom for the DF54. At this price point you get quite a few features.

  • Wielding a 54mm Stainless Steel flat burr set designed for multipurpose grinding. 
  • Stepless adjustment- A stepless adjustment mechanism allows for the ultimate adjustability in the dialling-in experience.
  • Workflow - Gen 2 comes with a 58mm plastic catch cup and plasma generator reducing retention, creating a cleaner workflow. A small hopper with bellows and lid is included. An 'antipopcorn' disc is included to reduce beans from 'popping' out of the hopper during grinding.
  • UK based warranty - We offer a 2 year warranty on all Turin grinders with issues fixed in-house at our UK-based centre meaning you don't need to contact or deal with any overseas parties:
  • Why Sigma Coffee UK? We are a small, family run business with coffee running through our veins. We live and breathe this industry and want to bring in the products you want and price points you can't beat.

Comparison Table:

DF54  DF64 Gen 2
Smaller footprint Larger footprint
Custom 54mm Stainless Steel Burrs  64mm Stainless Steel Burrs 
4.5kg Weight 7.1kg Weight
150W Motor 250W Motor

Product information:

DF54 Single Dose Electric Coffee Grinder

 Size 180 x 115 x 305 mm (LxWxH)
Material Body: Aluminium alloy / Stainless steel 
Weight  4.5 kg
Power  220 V / 150 W
Grind range Stepless - Espresso to French. 
Features Plasma generator / 54 mm flat burrs / Anti popcorn disc / Stepless Adjustment

Country of Origin: China

DF54 Single Dose Electric Coffee Grinder