Timemore Chestnut X Lite Hand Coffee Grinder

£149.00 GBP

Timemore Chestnut X Lite is inspired by the award-winning flagship hand grinder by Timemore - Chestnut X.

X Lite features a similar 'Spike-2-Cut' conical burr set milled from the same SUS 440 stainless steel. A sleek striated design with a deep-set threaded grind chamber gives the grinder a smaller look, without compromising on grind capacity.

Spike to cut?

This is a patented design feature of the 42mm burr set which initially cuts the beans to a more uniform size before being fed to the grind portion of the burr, creating an enhanced uniformity in the grinds produced. This design reduces 'squeezing' and increases cutting which allows for the higher uniformity of grind particles produced.

 Size Body: 163 x 53 mm / Handle length 160 x 44 mm
Material Body: Aluminium alloy, burrs:
S2C 880 SUS440 42mm HRC 58-60 S2C 
Weight  600g
Capacity 30g of roasted beans
Grind range Espresso to French Press/Caffetiere


Country of Origin: China