Timemore Grinder Dripper Bundle | C3S Pro and B75 Dripper

£88.00 GBP
Timemore Crystal Eye B75 Dripper (Colour)
Timemore Crystal Eye B75 Dripper (Filter)
Timemore Chestnut C3s Pro Manual Coffee Grinder (Color)

Grab over £10 off this bundle of the Timemore C3S Pro Hand Coffee Grinder perfectly matched with the new B75 dripper by Timemore.

Timemore Chestnut C3S Pro Hand Coffee Grinder

Timemore Chestnut C3S Pro is a 2022 release and brings a Spike-2-Cut burr set to the body of the C2 and a foldable crank handle! Manufactured from high-grade Aluminium alloy stamped with a square-matrix pattern for easy grip when grinding. 

The SUS420 serrated Stainless Steel conical burrs are based on the spike-2-cut design of the Chestnut X. This design cuts the bean into smaller fragments before being ground which has been shown to afford a more consistent grind and faster throughput.

The C3S Pro comes with a carry bag and cleaning brush to maintain your burrs and enables safe portability without scratching or damaging the grinder or your possessions.

An all-metal version of the C3-Pro, the C3S-Pro is a more premium feeling experience.

Product information:

 Size Body: 147 x 52 mm / Handle length 159/110mm (extended/folded)
Material Body: Aluminium alloy, burrs: stainless steel 38mm SUS420 (S2C660)
Weight  600g
Capacity 25g of roasted beans
Grind range Espresso to French Press/Caffetiere


Timemore Crystal Eye B75 Dripper

The B75 dripper by Timemore is a flat bottom brewer which takes basket-style filters similar to the Kalita Wave. A flat bottom brewed offers a different flavour profile to the typical conical brewers, a flat bottom generally allows a faster drain and the less cone-shaped bed gives a more even extraction throughout the grinds.


Or if you need refill filters, you can find them here 

Product Name  Crystal Eye B75 1-2 Cup Dripper
Type of Brewer Flat bottom
Dimensions 90 x 98 x 72mm