Kamel Single Dose Bean Cellar - 15 Pack

£60.00 GBP

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Single dose containers have long been widely unavailable within the UK. We are happy to bring them in now!

Each tumbler is crafted from food-safe plastic, opposed to glass by choice. This ensures your set is always complete, without a mishap on the go that could occur with brittle glass. The lid comes with a silicon release valve to release CO2 pressure when the beans degas. 

The set comprises 15x 20-25g capacity tumblers, perfect for single dosing for when you don't want to weight in the morning, or for quick and easy dosing on-the-go where you don't want to bring scales! A custom stainless steel funnel/hopper designed for the containers allows for easy filling.

This variant does not contain a wooden display, if you would like the full set with a wooden stand please visit this page!