Timemore Chestnut Nano Coffee Grinder

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Nano or Nano-S

Timemore Chestnut Nano is fashioned from high-grade Aluminium alloy stamped with a square-matrix pattern for easy grip when grinding. Standing an impressive 10cm tall with collapsable crank, portability is next level with the Nano. 

Nano comes with a 620HV rated Stainless steel burr set which is aimed at coarser grinds towards pour-over / immersion / syphon. Espresso level is possible, but requires a little more grind time.

The upgraded burr set with the Nano S achieves finer grind size towards espresso (and even turkish) with much less effort compared to the Nano. Fines in the Nano S are present with coarser grinds meaning the S is suitable mainly for finer grinds.

Product information:

 Size Body: 100 x45 mm 
Material Body: Aluminium alloy 6063, burrs: stainless steel 620HV (Nano) or Carbon steel 2300HV (Nano S)
Weight  355g
Capacity 15-18g of roasted beans
Grind range

Nano - Coarser grinds towards pour-over

Nano S - Finer grinds towards 

aeropress / espresso / turkish 


Country of Origin: China