Timemore Chestnut C2 Titanium Burr Coffee Grinder

£65.00 GBP

Timemore Chestnut C2 Titanium is new to 2021and is manufactured from high-grade Aluminium alloy stamped with a square-matrix pattern for easy grip when grinding. The Titanium version includes a pearl-like white body and handle.

The HRC 55-58 rated Stainless Steel conical burrs are Titanium coated for maximum hardness and is recommended when grinding espresso grinds regularly.

Also upgraded is the dial plate which is now Aluminium compared to the plastic dial plate of the regular C2.

The C2 Ti comes with a carry bag and cleaning brush to maintain your burrs and enables safe portability without scratching or damaging the grinder or your possessions.

Product information:

 Size Body: 147 x 52 mm / Handle length 159mm
Material Body: Aluminium alloy, burrs: stainless steel HRC 55-58 Titanium coated
Weight  430g
Capacity 25g of roasted beans
Grind range Espresso to French Press/Caffetiere


Country of Origin: China