Brew Kits - KINGrinder K1 / Black Mirror Plus 2 / B75 Dripper

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Timemore Crystal Eye B75 Dripper (Colour)
Timemore Crystal Eye B75 Dripper (Filter)

We are introducing brew kits with the opportunity to buy and save £15-£25 compared to when you buy the items separately!

We want to be able to bring quality gear at the lowest prices you can find, we hope this curated beginner kit can get you started on your coffee journey!


What is included in the bundle?


KINGrinder K1 Manual Coffee Grinder

KINGrinder K1 is an entry level hand grinder appropriate for grinding in all ranges. Pitched at beginner coffee enthusiasts, K1 would make a great gift for that budding coffee nerd wanting to put a foot in the world of specialty coffee.

The Stainless Steel hexagonal conical burrs create a great grinding experience for the money allowing value entry to premium coffee brewing.

KINGrinders also have the ability to have a drill attached to the shaft to grind without manually turning the crank allowing for faster grinding or effortless grinding.

KINGrinder K1 Hand Coffee Grinder

 Size Body: 170 x 52 mm 
Material Body: Aluminium alloy, burrs: Hexagonal 38mm, Stainless steel (420, 304)
Weight  585g
Capacity 20-25g of roasted beans
Suitable Grind range Aeropress/Moka/Espresso


Timemore Black Mirror Plus V2 Coffee Scales

Black Mirror Plus V2 is an affordable, feature-packed coffee scale with a simple and sleek design. Dialling in your shots has never been this easy, or this inexpensive. 


Sensitivity  +/- 0.1g
Max weight 2.0 Kg
Battery Type and Capacity Li-ion 1600mAh est. 10h continuous use
Footprint 152x130x26 mm
Auto timing Yes
Auto off  Yes
Flow Rate  Yes

Timemore Crystal Eye B75 Dripper

The B75 dripper by Timemore is a flat bottom brewer which takes basket-style filters similar to the Kalita Wave. A flat bottom brewed offers a different flavour profile to the typical conical brewers, a flat bottom generally allows a faster drain and the less cone-shaped bed gives a more even extraction throughout the grinds.


Product Name  Crystal Eye B75 1-2 Cup Dripper
Type of Brewer Flat bottom
Dimensions 90 x 98 x 72mm