Who is Sigma Coffee UK

A family-run business focussing on delivering only the equipment we use from around the world. Sigma is partnered with a number of international brands including Timemore, 1Zpresso and Kinu. Use the menu on the top left of the page to navigate our site.


1Zpresso J-Max manual coffee grinder espresso pour over Sigma Coffee UK


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smart kettles

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1Zpresso JE-Plus discontinued soon

1Zpresso has announced the discontinuation of the fantastic JE-Plus, Sigma Coffee UK has limited units left and after they have been sold, we won't have anymore!

Click here to find out more about JE-Plus

2021 Timemore Chestnut C2 Titanium

Timemore introduces their new model to the C2 line, the Titanium. With updated titanium-coated burrs and upgraded aluminium dial plate, what more could you ask for!

Click here to find out more about C2 Ti

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